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President's Message: Fall 2021


As summer has faded, temperatures drop and the leaves turn to a rainbow of colors, now is the perfect time to walk with us - EVERYWHERE!

We're living in very stressful times. It's hard to ignore or escape, so the best we can do is strive to counteract the negative effects with positive habits. The number one and simplest of all is to walk, preferably outdoors, and when possible, with others. Studies have shown that a regular walking habit can promote weight control, but it may also provide additional health benefits for body and mind as people age.

FreeWalkers is offering a full calendar of great walks from which to choose, and to make it even better, they're all free (although we welcome voluntary donations). We have our old favorites, like the FreeWalkers Marathon (choose 13 or 26 miles). And we have added new routes, too: The Staten Island Loop and the Bronx Coast to Coast Walk. Please register for our free walks on Eventbrite. If your plans change, simply cancel your reservation - it's okay.

These walks are designed to motivate you to not compete with others, but to challenge yourself. It's not about how fast or how far you go - it's about choosing to walk the best walk for YOU!

Some of our events are hikes through the woods, and others are strolls through city and/or suburban streets. If we are a small group on a particular day, we might stay together, but generally with larger groups we spread out so folks can walk at their own pace and not feel pressured to keep up. There will often be others walking alongside you at almost any pace you choose.

Most importantly, and I can't stress this enough, it's about having FUN!

If you’ve walked with us once - or many times - we’d love to hear about your experiences. We will continue to grow and improve our events with the help of your feedback.

Hope to see you soon, and always feel free to reach out with questions. Drop me a note at or share on our FB group at any time.

Thank you,

Risa Olinsky, President

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