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Message from the President

Given the guidance from the CDC, and Federal, State and Local officials, we believe the prudent action to be taken by FreeWalkers is to postpone all walks through April due to the coronavirus and the need for social distancing.  We will send an email and post information on our website as further information becomes available.
Stay safe, FreeWalkers.


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2020 Calendar of Events

Register now and pencil in those dates for 2020! Check out the forty walks on schedule to kick off our second decade of FreeWalking, including a dozen new walks and a few of your favorites freshened up just a bit.

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Distant Thoughts

Testing Our Limits

We can push each other to achieve health and fitness.

Walking with Walt

Discovering life's lessons on Forbidden Drive.

A Canadian Penny

A Freewalkers’ adventure from New York to St. Stephen

Angels on the Trail

Just meeting others along the way is some of the reward of a long walking adventure.

The Metaphysics of Walking

When you walk the same path many times your relationship to the place and the activity changes.

Walking with Bobby Kennedy

Here's the story of how the 50-Mile Kennedy Walk began by recreating history.


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