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Plan Join Date Event Miles
02-08-2014 04:00:00 02-08-2014 21:00:00 15 50-MILE KENNEDY Walk - 2014 Join us for our 2nd annual walk along the C&O Canal Towpath as we walk from Great Falls MD to Harpers Ferry WV. This is a reprise of RFKs walk in 1963 that originated as many as 50 other annual Kennedy Walks (Marches). 50-miles, one-day distance walk. Support option $15. Free without support. Open to public. For more info: http://kennedy50.org https://www.facebook.com/events/1400064550246629/ Trenton Transit Center FreeWalkers pkiczek@freewalkers.org false MM/DD/YYYY 2/8 Kennedy 50 50
03-23-2014 08:00:00 03-23-2014 12:30:00 15 Spring Ahead Walk - 2014 A warm-up walking event along the Delaware & Raritan Canal - from Trenton to Princeton. 12-mile, one-half day distance walk. Free. Open to public. For general info: http://tr2nb40.org Signup: http://freewalkers.org/events/spring-ahead-walk-2014-trenton-to-princeton Trenton Transit Center FreeWalkers pkiczek@freewalkers.org false MM/DD/YYYY 3/23 Spring Ahead Walk 12
04-05-2014 07:00:00 04-05-2014 21:00:00 15 TR2NB40 - Great Canal Walk - 2014 Walk the towpath of the Delaware & Raritan Canal, a 175 year old waterway across Central New Jersey - from Trenton to New Brunswick. 40-mile, one-day distance walk. Free. Open to public. Event: http://tr2nb40.org Signup: http://freewalkers.org/events/tr2nb40-great-canal-walk-2014 Trenton Transit Center FreeWalkers pkiczek@freewalkers.org false MM/DD/YYYY 4/5 Great Canal Walk 40
04-19-2014 08:30:00 04-19-2014 13:00:00 15 NB2MP10 - The beTween Walk - 2014 Join this easy, flat 12-mile walk between New Brunswick and Metropark in Iselin along the Middlesex and East Coast Greenway. Quirky, fun, plenty of surprises. Part 2 of X-NJ Challenge. Free. Open to public. Event: http://bit.ly/tweenwalk Signup: http://freewalkers.org/events/nb2mp10-the-tween-walk-2014 New Brunswick Train Station FreeWalkers pkiczek@freewalkers.org false MM/DD/YYYY 4/19 beTween Walk 12
04-19-2014 04-19-2014 15 Kennedy 80 km Mars (March-Walk), Sittard, Holland Join 3,000 plus walkers at a great regional event in the town just announced as the US Cycling Team's training home base. Our special relationship with the Director allows us to participate as guests in local homes for lodging and food. We intend to reciprocate at our annual Kennedy Walk/March. Fees & Travel. Contact Ray Smith for details. Event: http://www.kennedymars.org/pages/en/ Signup: http://freewalkers.org/events/kennedy-80-km-mars-march-walk-sittard-holland Sittard, Holland FreeWalkers - Ray Smith ray@freewalkers.org false MM/DD/YYYY 4/19 Kennedy Mars Sittard 50
05-10-2014 06:00:00 05-10-2014 22:30:00 15 NJ2NY50 - The Big Walk - 2014 Our 5th annual signature walk. Longest and most diverse walk, from tranquil parks and rivers to friendly communities to industrial parks and cities - this one has it all. Conveniently near rail lines which makes mass transit a big plus. Free. Open to public. Event: http://NJ2NY50.ORG Signup: http://freewalkers.org/events/nj2ny50-the-big-walk-2014 Metropark Train Station to NYC Penn Station FreeWalkers pkiczek@freewalkers.org false MM/DD/YYYY 5/10 The Big Walk 50
05-11-2014 05-20-2014 15 The Cotswolds Tour & Winchcombe Walking Festival Join the Free Walkers on a 10 day tour of the Cotswolds in England, including stops in Oxford and London. Meet walkers from all over the world at the Winchcombe Walking Festival. Event information: http://api.ning.com/files/O0rRt4kCpsrAMBh4psuKLJzyHlEvu3C-ha*mMhyNpovT36D2OpC-uSaPri9BiI7FjZYs2gVcVWDOQvHTtRmJ8DDB83L*2j-v/freewalkerswinchcombe2.pdf Signup: http://freewalkers.org/events/the-cotswolds-tour-winchcombe-walking-festival Chipping Campden, UK FreeWalkers/Great Days Travel Group pkiczek@freewalkers.org true MM/DD/YYYY 5/11-
Cotswolds Tour & Festival NA
05-17-2014 08:00:00 05-17-2014 20:00:00 15 Boston Greenbelt Big Walk - 2014 Walk a series of connecting trails called the Greenbelt in surrounding Boston communities like Lexington and Concord . Use public transit. Free. Open to public. Event website:TBD Signup: http://freewalkers.org/events/boston-greenbelt-big-walk-2014 Oak Grove Station to Riverside/Waban Station FreeWalkers/MAPC pkiczek@freewalkers.org false MM/DD/YYYY 5/17 Boston Greenbelt 30
05-24-2014 05-24-2014 15 Sneem JFK 50 Mile Challenge Join us for another classic 50 mile Kennedy Walk/March. This one is held in the famed "Ring of Kerry" region of Ireland. Our Jim Magner, author and speaker, walked this event in 2013. Jim and Ray are collaborating on a group trip to Ireland for the 2014 event. Event website: http://www.sneemjfkchallenge.com Signup: http://freewalkers.org/events/sneem-jfk-50-mile-challenge Sneem, Ireland FreeWalkers - Ray Smith & Jim Magner ray@freewalkers.org false MM/DD/YYYY 5/24 Sneem JFK Challenge 50
06-07-2014 08:30:00 06-07-2014 15:30:00 15 41- Mile Fairfax Cross County Trail Walk across the entire Fairfax County. Virginia from the Occoquan River to the Potomac River on national trails day. Singup: http://freewalkers.org/events/41-mile-fairfax-cross-county-trail Fairfax County VA - TBD start FreeWalkers - Ray Smith ray@freewalkers.org false MM/DD/YYYY 6/7 Fairfax X-County Trail 41
05-31-2014 08:30:00 05-31-2014 15:30:00 15 NY Greenways Walk#1 - 2014 Join a 19-mile walk from the Bronx to the Port Chester as part 1 of the two part walk across New York. Start at 8:30 am at the northeast corner of Allerton Ave. and White Plains Rd. stop on the 2 train (7th Avenue line). Then hike 19 miles along greenways to the Connecticut border. Allerton Ave Subway Station (start) FreeWalkers pkiczek@freewalkers.org false MM/DD/YYYY 5/31 NY Greenways#1 30
06-07-2014 08:00:00 06-07-2014 20:00:00 15 Hudson Loop Walk - 2014 One-day 30-mile walk along the Hudson bordering NYC and NJ. Startat PATH station Exchange Place, Jersey City to George Washington Bridge ending at World Trade Center. Free. Open to public. Event: http://hudsonloop30.org Signup: http://freewalkers.org/events/the-hudson-river-loop-walk-2014 Metropark Train Station to NYC Penn Station FreeWalkers pkiczek@freewalkers.org false MM/DD/YYYY 6/7 Hudson Loop 30
06-14-2014 08:00:00 06-14-2014 16:00:00 15 Connecticut Coastal Walk #1 - 2014 One-day 20-mile walk along the East Coast Greenway and Long Island Sound from Port Chester to Norwalk. Details to follow. Free. Open to public. Event: http://ctcoastalwalk.org Signup: http://freewalkers.org/events/connecticut-coast-walk-1-port-chester-to-norwalk Starts: Port Chester FreeWalkers njonap@yahoo.com false MM/DD/YYYY 6/14 Connecticut Coastal#1 20
06-22-2014 08:30:00 06-22-2014 15:30:00 15 NY Greenways Walk#2 - 2014 Join a 18-mile walk from the Bronx to the tip of Manhattan as part 2 of the two part walk across New York. We are hoping to team up with the Outdoor Rise Festival as the Urban Hike event again this year. Start at 8:30 am at Allerton Ave. aaand hike 18 miles to the World Trade Center. Sign up: http://freewalkers.org/events/nyc-greenways-walk-outdoor-rise-urban-hike-2014 Allerton Ave Subway Station (start) FreeWalkers ken@freewalkers.org false MM/DD/YYYY 6/22 NY Greenways#2 18
06-22-2014 12:30:00 06-22-2014 16:00:00 15 FreeWalkers Walking Tour of Liberty State Park 2014 Join the FreeWalkers for a 3 hour walk (about 7+ miles) of Jersey City in Liberty State Park ending at our yearly party. Route may vary. Distance <10 miles. Free. Open to everyone. Sign up: http://freewalkers.org/events/freewalkers-walking-tour-of-liberty-state-park-2014 Jersey City (start) FreeWalkers nancy@freewalkers.org false MM/DD/YYYY 6/22 Lady Liberty Walk 7+
06-22-2014 16:00:00 06-22-2014 18:00:00 15 Join us in Jersey City on Sunday, June 22th at 4:00 p.m. for a celebration of FreeWalkers five years at the Surf City Megabar just a few blocks from Liberty State Park. Awards. Open to everyone. Dutch. Sign up: http://freewalkers.org/events/freewalkers-2014-celebration-reunion. Surf City Megabar, Jersey City FreeWalkers pkiczek@freewalkers.org false MM/DD/YYYY 6/22 Annual FW Party NA
06-29-2014 08:00:00 06-29-2014 16:00:00 15 Connecticut Coastal Walk #2 - 2014 One-day 20-mile walk along the East Coast Greenway and Long Island Sound from South Norwalk to Bridgeport. Details to follow. Free. Open to public. Event: http://ctcoastalwalk.org Signup: http://freewalkers.org/events/connecticut-coast-walk-2-south-norwalk-to-bridgeport Starts: South Norwalk FreeWalkers - Nancy Jonap / Ken Kurland njonap@yahoo.com false MM/DD/YYYY 6/29 Connecticut Coastal#2 16
07-12-2014 08:00:00 07-12-2014 16:00:00 15 Philadelphia Freedom Walk - 2014 One-day 20-mile loop walk in the city passing various points of interest and partially along the East Coast Greenway. Details to follow. Free. Open to public. Event: http://phillyfreedomwalk.org Signup: http://freewalkers.org/events/philadelphia-freedom-walk-2014 Starts: Downtown Philadelphia FreeWalkers - Robert Quinlan chiefrq@yahoo.com false MM/DD/YYYY 7/12 Phila. Freeedom Walk 20
07-15-2014 08:00:00 07-18-2014 17:00:00 15 "The walk of the world" 4Days Marches Nijmegen Join Ray Smith's marching team for his 17th "Nijmegen:" The oldest, farthest, multi-day, non-competitive march/walk on the planet. A rich 98-year history and a "Bridge Too Far." Registration opens soon and there are only 45,000 slots. Fees & travel. Reservations limited. Get on the FreeWalkers team now. Event: http://www.4daagse.nl/en Signup: http://freewalkers.org/events/the-walk-of-the-world-4days-marches-nijmegen Nijmegen, Holland FreeWalkers - Ray Smith ray@freewalkers.org false MM/DD/YYYY 7/15-18 4Days Marches Nijmegen 125
07-15-2014 07-18-2014 15 Connecticut Coastal Walk #3 - 2014 One-day 24-mile walk along the East Coast Greenway and Long Island Sound from Bridgeport to New Haven. Details to follow. Free. Open to public. Event: http://ctcoastalwalk.org Signup: http://freewalkers.org/events/connecticut-coast-walk-3-bridgeport-to-new-haven Starts: South Norwalk FreeWalkers - Nancy Jonap / Ken Kurland njonap@yahoo.com false MM/DD/YYYY 8/23 Connecticut Coastal#3 24
09-27-2014 07:30:00 9-27-2014 18:00:00 15 Endless Summer Walk (bay2ocean30)- 2014 The bay2ocean30 is a unique long distance walk along the interesting and beautiful New Jersey coast covering both the bay and ocean waterfronts. Free. Open to public. Event: http://endlesssummerwalk.org Signup: http://freewalkers.org/events/bay2ocean30-the-endless-summer-walk-2014 Starts: Aberdeen/Matawan Train Station FreeWalkers - Paul Kiczek pkiczek@freewalkers.org false MM/DD/YYYY 9/27 Endless Summer Walk 30
10-13-2014 07:30:00 10-13-2014 18:00:00 15 Lenape34 Walk (The Origins Walk)- 2014 Columbus Day 34 mile walk along the "Lenape Trail" in beautiful South Mountain, Eagle Rock and Mills Reservations. It includes Montclair, West Orange, Verona, Bloomfield, Nutley, and Belleville, and ends in urban Newark. Our fifth annual LENAPE34 is 50% wooded trail and 50% suburban and urban sidewalks and streets. Free. Open to public. Event: http://lenape34.org Signup: http://freewalkers.org/events/lenape34-the-origins-walk-2014 Millburn (starts) FreeWalkers - Paul Kiczek pkiczek@freewalkers.org false MM/DD/YYYY 10/13 Lenape34 Walk 34
10-18-2014 08:00:00 10-18-2014 15:00:00 15 Battle of Short Hills March Approximately 20 mile walk starting in Metuchen following the route of Washington's retreating troops, to Clark, Scotch Plains, stopping at several of the historic sites along the way. Then up into the mountains, along the western edge of the Watchung Reservation, where troops fought the Battle of Bloody Gap. Special historical walk helps commemorate New Jersey's 2014 theme of "Crossroads of the Revolution" Free. Open to public. Event: http://battleshmarch.org Signup: http://freewalkers.org/events/battle-of-short-hills-march Metuchen (starts) FreeWalkers - Paul Kiczek pkiczek@freewalkers.org false MM/DD/YYYY 10/18 Battle of Short Hills 20
11-10-2014 07:30:00 11-10-2014 16:00:00 15 JFK Vets March A 22-mile walk ending at Arlington National Cemetery. This event honors the life of JFK and the lives of others that were given in the service of our country. The route is a circular loop around the district consisting of natural trails, streets and monuments to many who gave their lives to our country. Event: http://jfkmarch.org Signup: http://freewalkers.org/events/jfk-vets-march-2014 Washington DC FreeWalkers - Ray Smith ray@freewalkers.org false MM/DD/YYYY 11/10 JFK Vets March - 2014 22
11-16-2014 11:00:00 11-16-2014 18:00:00 15 Brooklyn Tour & Year-end Party 3rd annual Brooklyn tour of about 8-10 miles area covered TBD. The pace will be easy starts with walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and our final destination is at Sud Vino e Cucina in Bed-Sty. Signup: http://freewalkers.org/events/brooklyn-tour-walk-2014-and-freewalkers-year-end-get-together NYC City Hall Fountain (starts) FreeWalkers - Nancy Jonap nancy@freewalkers.org false MM/DD/YYYY 11/10 Brooklyn Tour & Party 22

Past Events

50-Mile Kennedy Walk

Congratulations to our 35 hard-core walkers who walked the C&O Canal Towpath in Maryland and West Virginia on 2/8/14. 

Click here for results of their survey.

Walker Miles
Hua Davis 50
Brian Davitt 50
Chris Davitt 50
Ian Hochstead 50
Paul Kiczek 50
Satchel Kornfield 50
Jay Long 50
Malaravan Mani 50
Art McDonald 50
Trent McKenna 50
Tom Nisonger 50
Hilary Parton 50
Bill Peery 50
Robert Quinlan 50
Ray Smith 50
Dong Vo 50
Al Walker 50
Bernadette Wright 41
Anna Borovikov 40
Ken Kurland 36
Mandeep Ahluwalia 35
Richard Botluck 35
Michael Dorn 35
Cory Storch 35
Martha Whitty 34
Arnold Sanow 22
John Schmelzer 22
Pat Walsh 9

Morristown Patriot's Tour

On a cold January 19th, about 30 hearty FreeWalkers & Hike Morristown members trekked like patriots did in historic winter of 1780. But we had Godfather's to relieve our hunger.

FreeWalkers organize walking events, walking information and social networking. We welcome everyone.


Welcome to FreeWalkers

FreeWalkers is a social network for individuals interested in participating in distance walking events. Our group is free and open to everyone. We encourage each member to accomplish challenging goals as we work together, experience, and promote pro-pedestrian issues.


FreeWalkers is an informal group of individuals who plan interesting and challenging walks and invite others to join but do not accept responsibility for their safety and welfare. Walkers who participate in any event should understand that they are participating separately and should be physically prepared and adequately supplied. Any advice offered makes no claims of expertise. Walking a long distance requires above average physical stamina, necessary rest and adequate food and water; which the walker must be prepared to carry or purchase along the way. We encourage all participants to walk together as a group and to have an emergency phone contact or other means of assistance in case of problems.



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Blog Posts

Promoting Walkability in America – From Coast to Coast

Posted by Paul Kiczek on March 12, 2014 at 1:06pm 0 Comments

The FreeWalkers are spotlighted in this new article in the Rails-to-Trails blog. What a great group! They are worthy of our support and interest.

In America’s urban centers and rural areas, walkability is becoming a hot topic. Both the public and public leaders are recognizing the way in which pedestrian-friendly policies and infrastructure can help spur economic…


The Levy Walk: Walking Long and Short Distances is Natural

Posted by Paul Kiczek on January 14, 2014 at 4:38pm 0 Comments

The anthropologist David Raichlen and his team recently studied the movement patterns of one of the few remaining hunter/gatherer tribes, the Hazda tribe of Tanzania. They are still independent and subsist on hunting and gathering food by…


36th MLK Holiday Parade / Peace-Walk, 20 January, 2014

Posted by Ray Smith on January 9, 2014 at 1:00pm 1 Comment

Martin Luther King, Jr. is inextricably linked to our FreeWalker Kennedy Walk legacy efforts. His dedicatedly unique life is saluted annually at the MLK Holiday Parade and Peace-Walk, which also commemorates the freedom rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

The event starts at the United Black Fund, crosses the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge and ends at Shepherd Park. https://maps.google.com/ 

It is free and all ages are…


Why We Walk

Posted by Paul Kiczek on January 8, 2014 at 12:03pm 0 Comments

The New York Times's Travel Section interviewed Robert Macfarlane about his latest book in his trilogy of books on observing place, history and imagination. "The Old Ways:  A Journey on Foot" is about walking the old trails that exist all over the world. They have connected people for centuries. In a way these trails were the…


Walk to the Superbowl? Can't Get There from Here

Posted by Paul Kiczek on December 30, 2013 at 12:45pm 0 Comments

The New York Times' writer James Barron recently wrote about a trek he took to Metlife Stadium. The walk was to see if anyone could get to the stadium by walking. The short answer appears to be no. According to the article, "The only way in will be through a security perimeter, and there will be nowhere to enter the security…


Hiking in a Winter Wonderland

Posted by Paul Kiczek on December 20, 2013 at 3:01pm 0 Comments

Today's New York Times Urban Athlete section reminds us that its OK to continue exercising even when it gets cold. While they spotlight interesting walks around NYC, there are plenty of other places too that are interesting and inviting all around us in the wintertime. 

I know it's easy to cancel a walk when…


Exercise vs. Medicine

Posted by Paul Kiczek on December 11, 2013 at 4:22pm 0 Comments

Exercise can be as effective as many frequently prescribed drugs in treating some of the leading causes of death. Research noted in a recent BMJ article compared how well various drugs and exercise succeed in reducing deaths among people who have been diagnosed with several common and serious conditions, including heart disease and…


Fast or Slow? Walking Faster is Better

Posted by Paul Kiczek on December 4, 2013 at 4:30pm 0 Comments

The National Walkers’ Health Study, a large database of information have been tracking thousands of middle-age men and women who walk regularly for exercise. Among their findings is that walking is the most popular physical activity in America.

Exercise guidelines generally suggest that for health purposes, people should…


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NJ2NY50 - The Big Walk - 2014 at Metropark, Iselin NJ to Penn Station New York

May 10, 2014 from 6am to 10:30pm
This is our fifth annual super distance walk and our premier challenge event. We average about 60…See More
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Columbia Trail Hike at High Bridge, New Jersey

April 26, 2014 from 9am to 5pm
Join us for a 23-mile hike along the scenic Columbia Trail on Saturday, April 26, at 9:00 a.m.…See More
1 hour ago

Great Canal Walk 2014

Congrats to our 33 FreeWalkers who completed the 40-mile Great Canal Walk.
Let the games begin for the Cross-Jersey Walking Challenge! 
Remember: if you missed some mileage in the last 2 walks, you have until the end of the year to catch up.

Diane Glace 40
Paul Kiczek 40
Tom  Nisonger 40
Al Walker 40
Tom Glynn 40
Rob Spector 34
Wilma Vargas 34
Francis Boero 32
Kelly Boero 32
Renata Luisi 30
David Ascher 28
Rick Cordner 28
Daniel Jeffrey 28
Nancy Jonap 28
Ken Kurland 28
Risa Olinsky 28
Tim Habinak 24
Jackie Dockery 21
Ron Palochko 21
Leila Vitale 21
Mike DeVoe 20
Diane DeVoe 20
Cory Storch 20
Ilene Silver 14
Pedro Castro 12
Brian Hodge 12
Sally Hodge 12
Yohana Osorio 12
Karen Rose Tank 9
Anand Nataraj 8
Mackensie  Roe 8
Joe Potaro NA
Erick Spector NA

Anyone can view the survey results so far. Click here to review results.
As usual, add your photos, video and blog on this website for everyone to share. 

Words to Walk By

Why We Walk

Why choose this as our goal? Why climb the highest mountain? Why, 35 years ago, fly the Atlantic? Why does Rice play Texas?

We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do these other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win.

-From President Kennedy’s 1962 speech at Rice University

Why We Don't (Walk)

Why choose doing as little as possible as our goal? Why take a long nap? Why, 35 days ago, insist on flying first class across the Atlantic? Why does Texas play Rice?

We choose to look at the moon. We choose to utter platitudes in this decade and do few other things, not because they are hard, but because they are easy, because that goal will serve to attract votes, because true challenges are those that we are unwilling to address, ones which we are willing to pass onto others, and ones which we intend to ignore.

From FreeWalker, Art McDonald, Rock Hill, SC

Read Art's inspiring essay "On Walking RFK's 50"

Walking History

1 Man, 1 Canal, 1 Long Walk: Creating a National Park

On January 3, 1954, an editorial article appearing in the Washington Post which became a flashpoint for those that opposed the U.S. government's building a parkway that would pave over the old 185-mile C&O Canal. It was a long hike proposed by Associate Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas that would settle the matter and set a trend toward preserving nature and history.

The Long Walk that Saved the Canal

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Distant Thoughts

A Winter's Walking Challenge

40 hearty FreeWalkers faced a cold and dreary February for 17 hours to re-kindle the Kennedy can-do spirit.

The Sounds of a Long Walk

Just a few days ago, I noticed, maybe for the first time, the sounds of the Great Canal Walk. For most of the 40 miles and 15 hours that day there was an absence of sound in this body of water as still as glass on that calm day....


X-Jersey Challenge

Final list of entrants for the Cross-Jersey Challenge. The goal was 100 miles across NJ in 2013.

Divia Arpino 100
Glenn Markulin 100
Paul Kiczek 100
Albert Walker 100
William Radkovich 100
Jessica Wachtel 74
Daniel Jeffrey 55
David Ascher 54
Hua Davis 42
Jim McRoberts


In Their Footsteps

These FreeWalkers have demonstrated our spirit of determination, adventure and community and help set the standard for the rest of us. Awards were presented at the June 23rd Celebration Event. Click here to learn their personal story and what it means to be a FreeWalker.

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