The Big Walk - Comments & Suggestions - May 10, 2014

First Name Last Name City/Town State Comments Suggestions
Gloria Franco Long Island City NY Maybe double checking before the walk that all the Greenway signs are posted. I wish Weequahic Park area had a better detour.
LeAnn Holland New York NY LOVED THIS. The support from Mike was awesome, the route was interesting and challenging, and the conversation was top notch. Great group, great event. THANK YOU. There are some pretty questionable spots along the Greenway on Manhattan that, as a woman, I wouldn't have wanted to walk alone in the dark (zero lights or people). That might be something you would like to tell participants to be aware of if they are planning to do the whole 50 and may end up walking alone.
Will Holland New York NY Awesome, the support from the ECG was so necessary. I think everyone made it farther or at least to their goal because of the support. Maybe a few re-routes off the greenway where available. Hopefully next year we won't be limited by the ferry and maybe can start before 6:30 (although the train from NYC doesn't help).    I don't think a reverse route would be that great because of tougher support earlier in the walk, and finishing in Manhattan I think is more exciting.
Nancy Jonap Jersey City NJ Loved the rain! Reverse direction.
Paul Kiczek Morristown NJ My fifth go at this tough walk. Its the biggest challenge of the year and spectacular ending. Assault on the senses but worth it. Maybe alter some parts of the walk for a change in the routine. Stress the need to keep moving on this one.
Kelly Koley Forest Hills NY I enjoyed testing my endurance, and also hiking with like minded individuals. Getting the word out.  Would like to see more people getting involved!
Glenn Markulin Clarksburg NJ Its a great work out. Having the support truck helps a lot. Every time we met with it we got re-energized. Keep up the good work.
Risa Olinsky Maplewood NJ I like Nancy's idea of reversing it - and starting in NYC early in the morning.  I'd love to walk in the dawn through the city.
Ron Palochko Piscataway NJ Kudos to Mike for his tie and effort in providing excellent support, as usual!
Robert Quinlan Lebanon NJ Enjoyed the walk immensely, despite the brief rain showers. Not at this time.
Renee Scott Piscataway NJ I enjoyed walking with Ron and Al. They walked at a great pace. Paul and Mike were great! They took good care of the walkers at Mtrpk. Most of the walkers were very welcoming. Can't wait to the next event! If it isn't broke, don't fix it!!  :)
Albert Walker Livingston NJ No thunder storms next year.