Philly Freedom Walk 2014 - Comments & Suggestions

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David Ascher South Orange NJ Wow.  What a terrific walk.  There is so much to see. There were loops where we seemed to be revisiting some areas two to three times.
Rachel Conrad Brooklyn NY Great walk and I hope Freewalkers does it again next year - I will invite friends and family! none
Camille Cooper New York NY wonderful opportunity to walk in Philadelphia with congenial group
Brian Hodge Stewartsville NJ Excellent directions and map N/a
Linda Jensen Clarksville MD more waterways
Nancy Jonap Jersey City NY Great walk!
Paul Kiczek Morristown NJ A great walk in a great and interesting city. Lots to see. Could have used more time to see all the sites, Walk could probably be shorter or in two different sections. Bastille Day would have been interesting to see,
Renata Luisi Brooklyn NY Cities have lots to offer which is difficult to take advantage of when trying to cover that many miles in one day. Shorten the mileage by condensing the route.
Joseph McDonnell Moorestown NJ I enjoyed the walk very much:  very well-organized, everyone was friendly, the weather was great.  Everything very positive.
Risa Olinsky Maplewood NJ Great job - loved Phili walk and would do it again.
Heather Otrandp Brooklyn NY Loved this walk - it was great to explore a city I've been to but hadn't walked around that much, and as always, the printouts of the route were perfect - clear and easy to follow, and I appreciated being able to go at my own pace.
Bob Quinlan Lebanon NJ Hope everyone enjoyed the walk Not at this time
Nenee Scott Piscataway NJ Route was great!  I loved how it took us through the various neighborhoods and pass some interesting sites. Philadelphia is a great city!!  I had a lot of fun.
Ilene Silver NY NY Very well planned. At each turn there was another eye opening mural, or area special to Philly. I hadn't been to Philly in many years. It has evolved SO MUCH for the better--pop up gardens, murals, mosaic garden, and more. A great day! None that I can think of! Perhaps a private tour of the mosaic gardens.
Cory Storch Plainfield NJ Great route had numerous interesting places to see and stop at.
Gale Waibel Silver Spring MD Directions were easy to follow and the map helped.  Weather was perfect.  Lots to see!  We had lunch at Panera, about half way on the walk. Start a earlier since it did get hot in the afternoon.
Klaus Waibel Silver Spring MD We were in a group of 4 so that helped.  Lost track of all the other walkers pretty quickly. More Fairmont Park (or other parks), less city streets.