Lenape34 The Origins Walk 2014 - Comments and Suggestions

First Name Last Name City State Comments Suggestions
Scott Bryant Short Hills NJ You did a fabulous event, much more than I expected.  Maps, timing estimates, places to ball early were helpful. This was my first walk so I don't have anything to compare to, but I thought you did a fabulous job, thank you.
Ana Della Sala Plainfield NJ Great hike!  Very challenging but wonderful. Walking in a group makes it better, more enjoyable and fun.
Coralyn Gorlicki Edison NJ As of now my friend, Joyce, is working on weekends so I was very glad to have this Monday hike.
Judi Hernandez Aberdeen NJ It was a fun journey. One that I'd readily take again. Don't forget your head lamp like I did. A rain jacket can also come in handy.
Paul Kiczek Morristown NJ The event is always tough but we got lost on the trail through our own fault. But we figured a way to get back on track by rerouting. Timing is critical for this event. We should look at the section after Mayapple next year too for the best route. Walk in a group and keep at it. Because of the difficulty it's easy to give up. But if your feek are not hurting too bad, keep at it and you can make it to Newark.
Cathy Kirkland Wind Gap PA I enjoyed making new friends and discovering places I haven't explored before. Everything was fine.    I was wondering if I can get a dog tag for the Hudson River loop. I completed the entire trip. My Internet wasnt working at the time.
Renata Luisi Brooklyn NY While a good walk (hike), the first several miles of ascending and descending takes a toll on one for the rest of the walk.
Gennie Mayo Union NJ I enjoyed the group walk was one of the best events It was great sorry only that I didn't make my goal
Risa Olinsky Maplewood NJ Wear HIKING boots/shoes… carry sticks and have back up for pick up if you need it. BRING your friends
Bob Quinlan Lebanon NJ Enjoyed the walk immensely, despite some minor soreness. Walking with a group of nice people makes it so much easier to endure.  Was a great workout. I highly recommend this walk for those who might like a physical challenge.  It really tests your mettle.
Roger Vellecamp Verona NJ I thoroughly enjoyed the walk.  I was pleased to serve as unofficial "guide" to steer people in the right direction.  I only feel that my pace may have been a bit too slow for the through-hikers.