In Their Footsteps - 2014 FreeWalkers Award Winners

FreeWalkers that demonstrate our true spirit of adventure and community and set the standard for the rest of us. This year we added a "Most Impressive Effort Award" honoring a FreeWalker that gives their all. The Awards were presented at the June 22nd Celebration Event. Each walker shared with us some thoughts on how they got involved and what it means to be a FreeWalker.

David Ascher - Best FreeWalker 2014
There are few individuals more dedicated to the FreeWalkers than David. He’s an excellent example of an active member, a skilled walker and a promoter of FreeWalkers. When he’s not walking, riding a bike, or involved in other causes, he’s corporate counsel for The Newark Group, a leading paperboard manufacturer. Click here for the Interview.

Renata Luisi - Most Impressive Effort 2014

Whether it’s the abundance of blonde hair, the unmistakable cheeriness, or the New Yorker attitude, Renata leaves an impression on all fellow walkers. It would not be an overstatement to say she is a driven woman that charts her own course. Often that course is a crazy quilt of impossible hours and transportation options that she takes in stride. For her, it’s a lifetime of challenging travel and exploring. Click here for the Interview.

Hua Davis - Best FreeWalker Spirit 2014
A ball of energy at any age, Hua is not only a fast, energetic walker, she’s one great FreeWalker ambassador and prolific photographer at our events. She somehow splits her time between everything - career, school and walking and hiking. And, always smiling - even when she has no right to. Click here for the Interview.


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