Hudson Loop Walk 2014 - Comments & Suggestions

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Timothy Advani Roselle NJ Do it one hour later.  Other than that, I thank you for hosting the event.  It was an unforgettable experience and a great challenge.  At the end my legs got a good workout but I am content with the hike and I would love to do the hike again, this time with the group. None at the current moment.
Teresa Akersten Caldwell NJ Obviously everyone walks at their own pace but would be nice to stay in a group. Maybe share good "walking manners" - if someone needs a bathroom break or water break, people should wait a few minutes with them? Otherwise there's just no way to catch up and then you end up alone. Does this make sense?
Divina Arpino Boonton Twp NJ Electronic map route (to take along on smartphones)
Adriane Berg lebanon NJ I made it so far this time-was very inspired perhaps a rest in Riverside park at a park scheduled event  there are brief concerts etc all over the park
Ana Della Sala Plainfield NJ It was very challenging, perhaps more than I was prepared for but I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave it my all.  The views were certainly worth it. I thought it would be more of a group walk.  I was a newbie so I started out with the group but somewhere along mile 8 there was a group ahead of me and another group way behind. I felt I maintained a decent 16 mph pace yet I found myself alone many times.  The maps were a great help, I guess I didn’t know it would be a self-guided walk.
Loredana Delucchi New York NY An great walk along miles of great views
Jackie Dockery Belle Mead NJ The views were phenomenal and great opportunities for pictures
David Eilbacher Hillsborough NJ It was such a beautiful day and skyline that I walked 10 miles more than planned.  Thanks for a great day!
Edward Eilbacher Hillsborough NJ Would have loved to walk more and with family but knees don't agree
Marc Elfenbein Bloomfield NJ Walking over the Washington Bridge was an exciting experience. The feeling of danger do to its high and the view was wonderful.
Anne Fimia Morristown NJ I enjoyed the tips such as looking for the parrots, taking the detour and seeing the secluded houses No
Judi Fox Aberdeen NJ I think the start time should be the same for all. Not two time slots. Everybody is so anxious to move along and it leaves some good company behind due to the start times.
Philip Grossman New York NY brisk walkers were the vast majority of  the participants in this event
Alice Habinak Glen Gardner NJ This was my first walk!  I enjoyed it and am excited to do more in the future
Brian Hodge Hillsborough NJ Beautiful day and beautiful sights.  Loved it! I hiked with two that I came with but rarely saw others.  It might have been nice to have some support along the way.  I thought there was to be some at the GWB
Brian Hodge Stewartsville NJ Great weather really helped
Viraj Kamatmhamai Summit NJ Beautiful weather and everyone I spoke with was very nice Everyone finishes at different times.  One of the walkers I was with suggested that there be one person at the end to maybe acknowledge us.
Preet Kaur Jersey city NJ It was really awesome!!
Paul Kiczek Morristown NJ This is my 3rd year and I still consider this my favorite walking event. Great turnout, weather was perfect, great group of people and outstanding views and interesting places all along the walk. Would be great to have some support at or near the GWB.
Tom Laresch Princeton Jct. NJ It was great.  The weather was perfect, and obviously the date worked for us.    Note we did find street parking in Jersey City, so we saved a few dollars there! Open the pedestrian walk on the north side of the GWB :-)!  Finish the waterfront construction :-)!    Sorry, no real suggestions.  I enjoyed it as it was.  Thanks so much - it was a great lifetime experience.
Dianne Lavelle Chatham NJ It was fun to see new interesting places. hmmm...  I'd like it to be cloudier in the afternoon when it got hot.  ha ha just kidding.  The walk was perfect!
Yon Lee Brooklyn NY it was great to see my fellow walkers and see some old faces as well as new faces. the end point has to be a place where it is not so crowded. it was a noisy bar where the back room had a painting event and the bar stools were filled with customers. there was really no place to sit down or talk comfortably after the event.
gennie mayo Union NJ no issues I fould it good although I though the walk itself would be a group event Guidance along the walk route would be great I felt at times I was not on the proper trail
Jaclyn Mina Staten Island NY It was a wonderful walk. I got to meet so many people. Surrounded by very friendly people.
Maureen Moynihan edison NJ Free walkers gives me an opportunity to challenge myself at my own pace. Any way around the steep hill just below the gw bridge on the jersey size?
Risa olinsky Maplewood NJ The walk was just perfect. Think maybe a different restaurant to end up at - the pub in NYC is small for a sizable group,  Was nice to go back to JC and hang out - but if NYer's are there I guess that would exclude them
ron palochko Piscataway NJ Always a memorable experience and no matter how bad it hurts sometime and no matter how many times I tell myself I'm nuts for doing this, i can't wait for the next time!!!!
Robert Quinlan Lebanon NJ This was a perfect walk- physically challenging yet pleasant due to the company of other people sharing the experience. I like the idea of eating at a restaurant near the starting point (Jersey City), after the event; found this more pleasant than trying to eat in Manhattan on a Saturday evening- less crowded, better service, etc.   Perhaps this is something to put to a vote in the future?
Roberto Romero Bayonne NJ The walk and the support were great. The friendliness and support of others makes the walk a great experience for returning walkers and new comers. I think that a second step off after lunch at Edgewater would work out nicely. Having some words of encouragement, reminders and stepping off all together for the second half would give everyone a great feeling of Unity, in my opinion.
Renee Scott Piscataway NJ Great walking partners!!
Ilene Silver New York NY Could not have been better!
Maurice Tehan brooklyn NY Alternate directions  each year. Start at WTC-NYC alternate years. One reason is that it is "downhill from" GWB to Xchange
Gale Waibel Silver Spring MD We had a great time.  Weather was spectacular!  We recognized a couple of walkers from last year's Jersey Shore Walk.  Had a wonderful lunch at Panera.  Took a photo with a group of walkers we didn't know after they called us over.  Really appreciated that gesture and our group photo turned out great!  Ferry ride back was wild - the captain drove like he was in a speed boat! We thought there would be some type of refreshment at the GW Bridge but didn't see anyone except other walkers.   It would have been great to have someone there since it was a halfway point.
Klaus Waibel Silver Spring MD Better directions in regard to access to the waterfront.  Got to a dead end several times and had to backtrack.
Albert Walker Livingston NJ An excellent day.