Great Canal Walk 2014 - Comments & Suggestions

First Name Last Name City/Town State Comments Suggestions
Francis Boero New Brusnwick NJ Great group of people to walk with.  Very open and willing to support new walkers to the area.  EMS support at Blackwells Mills was exceptional with first aid in addition to power bars and water.
Kelly Boero New Brunswick NJ No comments, except what a great introduction to the group.
Mike DeVoe Somerset NJ Paul you always do a great job, we've been super busy this year and this was the first event we could make but love that the walks are happening. I think its an outstanding small event.
Diane Glace Allentown NJ Keep up the great work.  Only scary part is the spill way at the end!!
Tom Glynn Highland Park NJ Thanks for all your hard work.
Sally Hodge Hillsborough NJ Really enjoyed the walk and the people I met. Wish I walked further
Nancy Jonap Jersey City NJ I would start in Princeton Jct earlier next year.  If not starting at Trenton, there's more flexibility with time.  It would be best to finish before dark, especially the last mile along the canal. I recommend arriving on the 9:25 train, not 10:25!
Paul Kiczek Morristown NJ Great for the 4th year in a row. Maybe provide more info on the option to do the Spring Ahead Walk. Seems like many liked to do the SAW and then start this one in Princeton.
Renata Luisi Brooklyn NY If someone wanted to go directly to New Brunswick instead of going all around Rutgers through Highland par, could that be done?
Anand Nataraj Plainsboro NJ More walks around Princeton. Maybe biking as well
Risa Olinsky Maplewood NJ Great walk, flat, soft, can' get lost - ha ha Hard to predict, but perhaps a week later with the hope that weather might be a touch warmer and grounds a bit greener.  I realized that not starting at the beginning, I felt a bit disconnected from others except the folks I was actually starting with.  Not much one can do, but though it was my choice, I always prefer starting at the start…
Yohana Osorio maplewood NJ Very nicely orchestrated as all prior events I have attended.  Heading back next weekend for a little more :)
Rick Cordner Rick Cordner Jersey City NJ I loved the walk and experiencing D&R Canal for first time.  I started at Princeton at 10 AM and finished at 7 in Brunswick. Because of need for early start missed cameraderie of group.   ECG and EMS were just setting up at Blackwells Mills when I passed at 2 PM. Maybe split walks in to 30 mile segments?
Rob Spector Somerset NJ Beautiful scenery, fun group. Get a younger crowd too.
Karen Rose Tank Princeton NJ I loved that I could start and stop at places that met my physical abilities… and when my body became stressed! Not really… it is wonderful!
Wilma Vargas Clinton NJ Just carry the lightest gear you can find. In my case, I am going to train long distance walks as much as possible. I am a mountain hiker, my legs and body have been training different. It was just great!!
Albert Walker Livingston NJ At the time I past the area there was no support in Canal Park.  That is a key spot since it is the last option before the final seven miles.