Endless Summer Walk 2014 - Comments & Suggestions

First Name Last Name City State Comments Suggestions
Lourdes Alcano Raritan NJ I brought my bicycle along in my car and rode to Shrewsbury Bridge and back to my car. I had a limited amount of time so this gave me the opportunity to see more of the walk. It would be very nice if on the walk description, it says whether it is is on 100% paved or how much percentage on gravel path, etc. It may not matter to some, but it does help some decide whether to join the walk or another event instead.
David Ascher South Orange NJ The coffee place we found on the way to the 10 mile rest stop was a good one - Also, the place by the bridge - Moby Dick? is that the name would be a good rest stop for lunch as well EMS got to Long Branch after me.
Jim Boyer Manheim PA Open-Ended Response Walk out to end of sandy hook and then   strait to Asbury Park. Go over mount Hitchel
Marie Ebert Jersey City NJ Great outing, wished more would have participated
Paul Kiczek Morristown NJ One of the best walks ever... Beautiful weather, great company.  Thank you for another   fantastic experience. Ride support and carpooling could be better thought out and organized. Maybe offer more starting and ending points.
Thomas Landes West Allenhurst NJ Easy to follow great senery Go to Johnny Mac's Irish Pub for $3 beer and free pizza right next to the train station.  Then we could catch the 7:45 train.
Glen Markulin Clarksburg NJ Enter your thoughts and comments as to how you enjoyed the experience. It helps us design a better event next time. (Your comments may be used in the website as feedback to others on your experience.) Need to advertise it more to get more walkers.
Gennie Mayo Union NJ Another great walk with the Freewalkers. Enjoyed talking with everyone along the way. I think it would be nice to have some support along the route to encourage you on.
Risa Olinsky Maplewood I'm very impressed. This is a very well organized event. Paul and his team did a great job. Thank you! Everybody is so nice and helpful. I really enjoyed the walk and the company. Special thank you to Cory for giving me a ride back to my car. All good as it is
Bob Quinlan Lebanon NJ I was pleased with this event. Thanks Paul. Suggest we stop at "Moby's" in Highlands (overlooks Navesink River) for lunch next time.
Will Radkovich Stanhope NJ Great More SAG support.
Renee Scott Piscataway NJ Great walk.
Ilene Silver New York NJ This walk continues to live up to its reputation. Outstanding weather, the shore largely back to normal and great group of people. Pizza and beer was pretty good too. Perhaps suggest that walkers wear high socks, or bring high socks for the dirt road/gritty road portions. I bring higher socks so the grit doesn't get in and cause blisters.
Rick Vegh west allenhurst NJ enjoyable More participation