Connecticut Coastal Walks 2014 - Comments & Suggestions

Event First Name LastName City State Comments Suggestions
CTCoastal3 James Boyer Manheim PA Well planned  Good wlak no
CTCoastal1 Loredana Delucchi New York NY Excellent route with wonderful things to see along the way
CTCoastal2 Loredana Delucchi New York NY It was a great walk. The leaders were excellent.
CTCoastal3 Loredana Delucchi New York NY Great walking route It was great the way it was
CTCoastal2 Diane Ezer New York NY See above - the route should go thru Black Rock. See above.
CTCoastal3 Nancy Jonap Jersey City NJ Beautiful walk along the LI Sound.  Enjoyed brief stops on the beaches. No
CTCoastal1 Renata Luisi Brooklyn NY It's a pretty walk, but a lot of it is on the road where there are no sidewalks.  If it were more on trails off-road, it would be more pleasant.
CTCoastal2 Renata Luisi Brooklyn NY Westport/Fairfield area is quite scenic.
CTCoastal3 Renata Luisi Brooklyn NY Enjoyed the stretch between Milford and New Haven and walking by or near the coastline.
CTCoastal1 Heather Otrando Brooklyn NY Interesting to walk through areas I haven't walked through before, e.g. Stamford, though some of the route felt like a slog on suburban roads that were fairly high-traffic.
CTCoastal3 Ron Palochko piscataway NJ Very diverse and interesting walk. Logistically tough, but would prefer an earlier start time.
CTCoastal2 Bob Quinlan Lebanon NJ Had a very nice day- looking forward to additional walks in CT. No suggestions at this time.
CTCoastal3 Bob Quinlan Lebanon NJ Very scenic walk, thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thanks Nancy and Ken. Would suggest participants be encouraged to walk in groups in area of NH Train Station.
CTCoastal2 Ilene Silver NY NY Greenway in this area is a good combination of urban, beach, and farmland. Just gorgeous scenery on much of the route. Very well planned.