Boston Greenbelt Walk 2014 - Comments & Suggestions

First Name LastName City/Town: State: Comments / Suggestions
Jim Barber NoWhere MA Need more people who actually know the area. More detailed maps. Blazes that show which path to take at ALL intersections.
Rick Cordner Jersey City NJ Nice views of Boston.  Great tour of Lexington.
Richard de Reyna WESTWOOD MA It was an incredible experience.   I'd say that it was almost too social ... I spent so much time talking with others that I barely even noticed that I was going to fast and taking strides that were too long, so I could keep up.
John Dieckmann Belmont MA I really enjoyed it.  Too bad that the bad weather forecasts that continued almost up to the start of the event discouraged some participation.
Nancy Dolberg Lexington MA Would love to do it again, but I do not need the dog tag.
Rami Haddad Lexington MA Specifically liked the walk through Waltham where we had local guides meet us. They showed art projects, gave history of trails, & pointed out features.
Bob Hausslein Lexington MA Enjoyed discovering more about the region I live in.  Good company.  Suggest starting earlier so as to finish during daylight.
Joyce Husseini Stoughton MA The overall experience was great.  The trail markings and map were excellent.  The conditions of the trails ranged from fair to excellent, but considering the rain preceeding the event they were much better than anticipated.  Having only walked similar distances on all paved roads and sidewalks I was pleased to see how much more comfortable trail walking was.  The softer surfaces greatly reduced the impact soreness on my knees.  David and Laurel were very knowledgable of the trail and it was a joy to walk the trail system with them.  I applaud MAPC and all of the local agencies and organizations that are working so hard to provide this resource.  I look forward to walking with this group again and perhaps participating in some of the NY/NJ walks in the future.
Cynthia John Lexington MA It was wonderful to see how one can walk for miles almost entirely through conservation areas.  Discovered beautiful areas minutes from my home.  A mini vacation!
Paul Kiczek Morristown NJ A great diverse walk. It's mostly in the woods but close enough to towns. Nice contrast between nature and communities. Even historical Lexington. Bit confusing at the end. But a nice trail that showcases the beautiful areas outside of Boston.
Megan Krey Arlington MA i really enjoyed it and thought it was organized well and that it was made very clear that everyone would need to be responsible for themselves... although i think other people were under the impression this hike had a leader... i would suggest making it clear that everyone would start together but there is no leader for the walk
Renata Luisi Brooklyn NY I truly enjoyed the route, the trails and found it very beautiful.  I did not realize how many trails are actually right outside Boston, but this walk entailed lots of steep ups and downs which I did not have knowledge of beforehand and made the walk difficult.  There should be a description rating the trail (easy, moderate, etc.).  And while we kept on being told that the terrain would get flatter after a certain point, it continued to be on steeper terrain for at least 1/3 of the walk if not more.  It made it difficult for me to complete the 30 miles I had intended to walk.  For a walk with that type of terrain, it would have been better if it was less mileage.   Another suggestion is having detailed information regarding transportation.  Being out in the suburbs there seems to be limited transport regarding commuter lines and buses connecting to the city.  The good thing about the start was the ease and convenience of transport.  The buses in the towns did not necessarily go to the "T" or the commuter rail lines and if you missed a commuter train, it could be another 2 hours till another one came.  Because of that situation, I was forced to take a taxi to a train station in order to get back to Boston.
Peter Monro Portland ME Leader Laurel was a wonderful resource . Loved the variety of terrain, forest, field, bogs (!), rec fields. Well flagged, too, as I walked alone for 2 hrs.
Fran Price Jamaica Plain MA I love the idea of the walk, and was introduced to many new conservation areas/parks (which made sense coming from MAPC).  And despite some challenges, I am very glad I did it.  However, I was confused about who the audience was, especially since the website highlighted the 32 miles rather than the shorter alternatives.  While it was meant to be a self-guided walk, It felt more like a hike that would have benefited from a few leaders who knew the way, and self-selection into groups of different speeds that would have provided (at least moral) support for shorter-legged/slower walkers who wanted to finish the course.  That would make it possible for more people to walk (without getting lost) and reach their goals, while also seeing the trees and smelling the flowers, which I think is also the aim.  I would be very happy to try this again.
Emily Weidman Waltham MA Cars seem to rule the world so when walkers can learn ways to walk from town to town that is revolutionary.
Andre Weinstock Somerville MA Higher resolution maps.  Easier to read maps (no differece between major highways and dirt roads on current maps)