Brooklyn Tour 2014 - Comments & Suggestions

First Name Last Name City State Comments Suggestions
John Cesena Belleville NJ This walk was excellent. No! This walk was perfect.
Terri Dassing Keansburg NJ A planned stop for lunch should have been included
Barbara Herbert Kenilworth NJ It was listed as a slow-paced walk.   I walk frequently and it I found the walk to be at a face pace. The walk and area were terrific.    It would have been nice to have a bit more information about the area and to actually get to enjoy the scenery.   It seemed as if we were always in a rush.
Will Holland New YOrk NY Good route. Good route.
Mary Jounivensat Ocean grove NJ Enjoyed the walk, the guides knew the neighborhood(s) & were very friendly and knowledgable. Bring water, snacks. A light lunch
Paul Kiczek Morristown NJ Well paced walk in spite of getting held up a couple times waiting for others. The lower East Side stops were great fun. Damp cold weather added a bit to the challenge. Probably could lay out more planned rest stops along the way. Saturday might be good alternative with the Smorgasberg and Flea going on - but that would slow down things probably too much.
Tom Landes West Allenhurst NJ Weather great.  Planning was flawless. Everyone was friendly with lots of new People. Give departure time when we have a break like REI.
Don Nalupta Maplewood NJ It was an experience walking the streets of Brooklyn and mingling with the hipsters. None
Susan Walcott Plainfield NJ Interesting and enjoyable. None