BeTween Walk 2014 - Comments & Suggestions

First Name Last Name City/Town State Comments Suggestions
Teri Bass Jersey City NJ When we got close to the end of the walk one of the fellow walkers (Cory) showed me a sign for the East Coast Greenway and told me not to worry about getting lost because the signs would help me. That was a great help and comfort and a piece of information I wish I knew from the beginning. The event was great!
Laurie Beekhuysen Piscataway NJ It was a great warm-up walk before the Columbia Trail event.
Framcis Boero New Brusnwick NJ This was a very nice change from the canal walk.  As a newcomer to New Jersey, the walk was a great way to know the mid-state area.
Robin Hynes Edison NJ This is an awesome opportunity/experience/challengeb Bathroom locations included on map
Daniel Jeffrey Allentown NJ I did this walk last year then the earlier ones on my own and this year I did the earlier ones with you.  I like the great canal but this walk makes me think I'm not interested in the March to NYC on Urban-Suburban sidewalks.  However, though I did not care for the walk as such as always I really appreciate and respected the people I was walking with both the ones I had met before and the ones new to me. The support crew was not in evidence this time but then I was walking with the front people -- last year I was the tail end and one person did have to be taken up by the van which made it clear how important it was.
Dan Lurie Clifton NJ This particular route was not that interesting until near the end along the Middlesex Greenway and Roosvelt Park. Walking 95 was kind of dreadful.
Ron Palochko Piscataway NJ A great walk under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Robert Quinlan who was much better than that old guy who led these walks in the past,  what was his name again? Suggest, in the spirit of the ECG that we do a slight diversion and head up Easton Ave, picking up the ECG at the terminus of the Canal Walk and traverse Johnson Park picking up the original route in Highland Park.   Adds about 3 miles to the walk, but Bucceluh Park and Johnson Park are great this time of year!
Robert Quinlan Lebanon NJ Had a great time! I think we may need to make clearer maps in the future, with larger print.