Battle Walk 2014 - Comments & Suggestions

First Name LastName City: State: Comments Suggestion
David Ascher South Orange NJ There was too much walking in the street where there were no sidewalks or the sidewalks kept switching which side of the street they were on.
Ana Della Sala Plainfield NJ Great walk! It was nice to be expected at Fanwood with refreshments.  Finally got to see the DV! Palisades Interstate Park
Martha Egbert Dunellen NJ This was my first organized walk and I look forward to many more next year. It was a wonderful experience. I can't imagine and have a new respect for what the soldiers would have experienced on this walk, especially since they didn't have paved streets to walk on.
Amy Hebard Maplewood NJ Absolutely loved it - the tie in to Union County activities really made it, and free cider from the Boy Scouts at Deserted Village was a nice surprise ending - and the free shuttle back to Westfield made this all very doable.
Paul Kiczek Morristown NJ I liked th historical aspects of the event. We had another reason to walk, stop and appreciate the surroundings and our history. Gabe Gluck of Union County Parks did a great job in organizing the historical events and helping design the battle route. The context of this walk being about 75% on roads and maybe 1/2 of that on roads with no sidewalk was not the ideal venue - being difficult and somewhat dangerous. Watchung Resv paths were fine and nice scenery. First 4-5 miles were boring walking along busy uninteresting streets.
Renata Luisi Brooklyn NY Many pretty areas, but there is too much walking on the road where there is a lot of traffic.
Glenn Markulin Clarksburg NJ Enjoyed the history lesson and seeing a part of the state I never visited before. Just needed one more sign when we entered the park to show the trail went left.
Jim McRobert Maplewood NJ Nice walk.  Enjoyed the coordination with the historical events being staged throughout Union County. Could use better mapping for tricky transition areas.  Going from street into Reservation trails for example.
maureen moynihan Edison NJ It would have been nice to visit the cemetery at the beginning of the walk in Metuchen.
Yohana Osario maplewood NJ Thank you for sweeping us up :)
Michael Popper Plainfield NJ Good combination of street walking and trail hiking. I learned about an entrance to Watchung reservation that I wasn't familiar with. Suggest warning folks if there are hazards such as stretches with no sidewalks, heavy traffic, RR crossings, etc.
Jenn Popper Plainfield NJ This was our first walk, the pace was quicker than we might have expected, but we enjoyed the educational twist with 4 Centuries, and we'll definitely be back!  But bummed we'll miss the Nov 1st event as we'll be out of town.
Dennis Quinn Jersey City NJ Good time.  Good history. Should come up with an official policy for walking along the road.  At times part of the group was on one side and part of the group the other.  Dangerous to all and likely frustrating for drivers.
Renee Scott Piscataway NJ Be specific when deciding on starting point. Saying 'in front of the bagels 4 u store' rather than 'across the street' where there may be many streets helps walkers find the group quicker. Come prepared. Do your homework in terms of exact times of trains, parking costs, etc.
Ilene Silver New York NY The walking was great, except for the areas where there is no shoulder.  The parking at Metuchen train station is just confusing without change kisosks. Start at a better equipped, more modern train station which has machines so that you can pay for parking. Metuchen had a NYT guy who was not apparently visible.