50-Mile Kennedy Walk 2014 - Comments & Suggestions

First Name Last Name City/Town State Comments Suggestions
Brian Davitt Manchester NH Great camaraderie among walkers and support Effort to start walking at 4AM, which would allow possibility of finishing in daylight
Richard Boltuck Bethesda MD I don't have other walks to compare this one to, but it certainly seems based on everyone's assessment to be one of the premier walks anywhere. There were minor organizational issues in HF for some people (not me), such as Quinn's closing early, identifying who was assigned to a double room, etc.  But all of that got worked out without too much difficulty, I believe.  Two possible adjustments next year:  either go back to last year's approach and ask walkers to take on more individual responsibility for their arrangements in HF and potentially for returning to DC (after all, the is a train on Sunday morning back that leaves, I think, around 11:30 am).  Or ask a volunteer to take on logistics so Paul and Ray can focus on walking and not dealing with the inevitable details involving 15 or 20 people.
Michael Dorn Port Jefferson Station NY Will send by email later.  
Pat Walsh Matthews NC It was a lot of fun.  I had a very good time.  I enjoy the social aspect of the walks.
Ray Smith dd VA Better communication between organizers. Pro-active web site changes avoiding confusion. Timelines for admin and deadlines for participants.
Dong Vo Columbia MD Have a better happy ending
Al Walker Livingston NJ More planning on end of walk support.  Assign people to hotel rooms in advance.  Advance scheduling of rides back.  I'd drop the option for Saturday rides back.
john schmelzer Potomac MD This may  be  helpful to newcomers .I am 65 and this was my first long distance walk. I did not train for the walk but I am in good shape,  I walked 22 miles (8 hours) and was satisfied that I met my personal goal. The event was fun, well planned, my fellow walkers friendly and supportive of a "rookie walker". The suppport team executed a plan very well providing water and snacks along the route. For me, the  walk was a challenge and  the overall experience was simply great. I plan to do future walks. None, just  wish to express my appreciation to the organizers who volunteered their  time  to make this happen and go so well.
Hua Davis Wilmington DE A great memorable experience !! None
Hilary Parton Brooklyn NY It's always a great walk and as usual we had a great group of people. More logistic support so that last minute issues can be handled more efficiently. Finding more communal areas (Pvt Quinn's, Teahorse Hostel) for hikers to take advantage of afterwards helps share experiences and relax.
Robert Quinlan Lebanon NJ It was a challenging and exhilirating event. Glad I participated and very grateful for the opportunity. Not at this time.
Malaravan Jersey City NJ In future years hope this walk will be a famous one. I would suggest at least one fast , Medium and slow pace lead walker to walk with participants to check how they feel during walk. This is just a suggestion to make the participants more involved with the organizers during walk. I felt this walk was quite pleasant and incredible one.
Martha Whitty Chevy Chase MD Loved it. Nice challenge. Nope.
Paul Kiczek Morristown NJ Overall another great experience. This event offered more service and challenge than most. Get a member of the Kennedy family to join us. Would be great to get Harpers Ferry part more organized and get the town more involved to help make this a bigger event. Get a better place for all to meet at the end.