President's Message: FreeWalkers Winter News


FreeWalkers is not your typical walking organization. It is unique in many ways. We want you to know what to expect when you choose to walk with us. I hope the answers to the FAQs below will help you prepare and enjoy our walks.

FreeWalkers FAQs:

How far do we typically walk?

Walks vary anywhere from 5 to 50+ miles in one day with most in the 10-30 mile range. Our walks are designed to be interesting and enjoyable and often times challenging, but not competitive. Walking long distances does require some training, so if you can walk 5-8 miles you may be able to walk 10 miles, and then increase it over time. Walking very long distances may not be for everyone; but everyone is always welcome to try. You’d be surprised how much more you can walk when you’re walking and talking with a group of great people, the miles fly by.

What if I start a walk and can’t finish?

Some routes are easy to shorten and others not as much, such as a hike in the woods. Our leaders will do their best to instruct you on options to shorten a walk, as well as bathroom and rest stop options. It’s your choice how little or how long you choose to walk. We simply ask that if you leave a walk you let the leader know, so we know you’re OK and don’t look for you. If you leave, you are responsible for getting wherever you might need to go, so plan your options—public transportation, Uber/Lyft, etc.

Do walkers stay together throughout the event?

This varies and often depends on the number of participants, the speed of walkers and how long the walk is. Often, it’s possible to keep a small group on a short walk together, however with a large number of participants walking at different speeds staying together is not always doable. This is the culture of FreeWalker events. If you are walking alone, be sure to have the directions on your phone, or on paper. After many hours of walking your phone may die, or you may lose cell coverage, so paper is a back up.

Must I register on Eventbrite?

It’s not mandatory, but strongly recommended. If you RSVP through meetup, please follow the link to Eventbrite as well. It’s the best way for us to communicate any changes that you might need to know.

What if I register and can’t make it?

It’s OK…Simply cancel through Eventbrite or drop the leader a note - it’s never an issue. We’d rather have you register than show up and find out something changed and you didn’t know.

Are FreeWalker events really FREE?

Just about; however, we do host a few per year as fundraisers. One is the upcoming Kennedy50 community.

We are a 501(C)(3) non-profit and though walking is free, maintaining the organization has costs. Donations of any amount are always appreciated!! You can donate here; donate at walks, or purchase our merchandise to support us. Every dollar helps us to continue providing great walks for you !

Have additional questions?

Everyone knows, I LOVE TO TALK!! Call or text me at 201-618-5582. Be sure to leave your name, and a good time to connect and I will get back to you. If I can’t answer your question, I will find the person who can…. Also, you can email me at or

Happy Holidays, 

Risa Olinsky, President

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