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Winter 2022 / 2023 President's Message


FreeWalkers welcomes in 2023 with new events,new leaders and new locations to explore - hope you will join us. Check out our 2023 calendar — January and February events are posted and more are on the way. Keep checking in there.

We're entering our 13th year and growing fast. We have a new chapter, FreeWalkers DMV, short for the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia., led by Katey Lazarchik and Sarah Abedin. And thank you to these walk leaders: Victor Orlov for leading the Manasquan/Allair

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President's Message: May 2022



A heart-felt thank you to all who joined us in Alexandria, VA. It was an incredible weekend! This event was a combined fundraiser for both FreeWalkers and the East Coast Greenway Alliance. We raised over $2,000 and will donate $1,000 to support the organization’s mission in appreciation of their support over the past ten years.

We look forward to a continued partnership with ECGA, helping to motivate more people to walk from Florida to Maine. For more information visit:



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President's Message: FreeWalkers Winter News


FreeWalkers is not your typical walking organization. It is unique in many ways. We want you to know what to expect when you choose to walk with us. I hope the answers to the FAQs below will help you prepare and enjoy our walks.

FreeWalkers FAQs:

How far do we typically walk?

Walks vary anywhere from 5 to 50+ miles in one day with most in the 10-30 mile range. Our walks are designed to be interesting and enjoyable and often times challenging, but not competitive. Walking long distances does req

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The Empire State Trail is a grand concept of walking from the Battery in NYC to Canada. It's a sideways-T-shaped trail network -- a 750-mile ribbon unfurling over 130 municipalities in 27 different counties -- will be the longest multi-use recreational trail in the US. Keep that in your back pocket for the next time somebody comes at you with complaints about New York's estrangement from nature. The project is on track for a grand opening in 2020, but much of the work on the EST’s branch from Al

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A busy walking weekend started with a 26.2-mile walking tour of Philadelphia with famed athlete Diana Nyad and her walking organization EverWalk. It ended with kids of all ages enjoying a stroll in the park along with music and fun games. We're spreading the good news about walking!
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Trenton's Shaky Bridge

bridge2.JPG?profile=RESIZE_710xA few yards away from the banks of the Delaware River in Trenton’s Stacy Park is a bridge so short it hardly serves a purpose. But don’t judge the bridge’s merit by its size. It’s the work of John A. Roebling, the civil engineer who built the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. This little New Jersey bridge was built by Roebling as part of a demonstration project in the 19th century and later gifted to Trenton. It’s said that the structure is modeled on his Niagara Falls Bridge. Named lately as the “Shaky B

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Marathon March

20180629_213656.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xIf you think walking 40 or 50 miles is a scary proposition, read about a very strange event inspired by Stephen King's psychological horror novel "The Long Walk." First published in 1979, Long Walk is set in a future dystopian America ruled by an authoritarian. The country holds an annual walking contest in which 100 teens must journey, non-stop and under strict rules, until only one of them is still standing alive to receive the prize. A film of the novel is now in production by New Line Cinema

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physed-hike-mountains-master768.jpg?width=250Long walks can improve moods and reduce anxiety, but the benefits may be greatest if the walks take place outdoors rather than in a gym, Many different aspects of exercise are thought to affect how much we like working out. But in general, most experts agree that a workout’s intensity and its duration have the greatest influence on our feelings about it.

In one study, walking had been “more pleasurable” than not walking, even though the walks’ duration had been long. And, walking outdoors was mo

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