Adriane G Berg - Best FreeWalker Spirit 2016 Award winner

Adriane G Berg was interviewed by Risa Olinsky, FreeWalkers Vice President, on what makes her walk and what it means to be a FreeWalker. Adriane won the Best FreeWalker Spirit Award this year. 

Risa: How did you find and get involved in FreeWalkers?

Adriane: I was introduced to FreeWalkers by my friend and top wellness expert and coach Risa Olinsky. Because of Freewalkers, and solely because of the group, I am motivated to walk on my own even when I cannot get to the gym. I enjoy the spiritual component of walking and often do so for at least 7-10 miles on my own. For longer distances, I need the companionship and spirit of the group. Recently, I walked 28 miles all in one day. At a much younger age, I was only able to walk 3 miles! In fact, I once owned a large piece of property and could not walk the premises. Today it would be a breeze. I cannot believe I could be so much more fit at 68 than at's the miracle of FreeWalkers.

Risa: How has participating with FreeWalkers motivated you to walk longer distances and different places and/or in any other way?


Adriane: I am a veteran traveler, but traveling with FreeWalkers has made the world open to me in a different way. I walked for 16 hours in Rome with a FreeWalker buddy and saw the city as never before, even though I had been there four times. I plan to go to Tenerife and see the great natural attractions, as I could never climb the volcanoes in the past. There are parts of the world that require walking to understand their beauty.

Risa: What would you describe as your most exciting experience with FreeWalkers? And why?

Adriane: My most exciting trip with FreeWalkers was the last trip to the Amalfi Coast. I did have a tough patch in desert-like terrain, which was also of high elevation. But I made it...with terrific help from everyone who walked with me. It was their caring and concern, as well as the optimism that we all could make it, that took me to a new level of fitness. This gave me confidence to face many other challenges in life. I often say to myself while climbing 400 steps or walking over 20 miles, "Remember you can do this when other things seem hard. If you can do this, you can do anything.”



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