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Related. The star of the popular ABC comedy Samantha Who? posed& . Christina… Continue

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In Their Footsteps

These FreeWalkers have demonstrated our spirit of determination, adventure and community and help set the standard for the rest of us. Awards were presented at the June 22nd Celebration Event. Click here to learn their personal story and what it means to be a FreeWalker.

Recent Events

The Big Walk

Our 5th Anniversary of the toughest walk took place on May 10, 2014. 50 miles, 2 states, a lot of everything. for details.

First Last Name Miles
Gloria Franco 50
Ian Hochstead 50
Kelly Koley 50
Malaravan Mani 50
Glenn Markulin 50
Albert Walker 50
Tom Glynn 46
LeAnn Holland 46
Will Holland 46
Robert Quinlan 45
Paul Kiczek 45
David Ascher 35
Ron Palochko 28
Nancy Jonap 24
Cory Storch 24
Ken Kurland 17
Risa Olinsky 16
Renee Scott 11
Orville McNally Jr NA

Columbia Trail Hike

A 23-mile hike along the Columbia Trail on Apr 26, 2014 from High Bridge to Long Valley and back. Led by Bob Quinlan with 15 or so companions.

Laurie Beekhuysen
Adriane Berg
Pat Emannuelle
Renata Luisi
Risa Olinsky
Ron Palochko
Robert Quinlan
William Radkovich
Ana Santos
Penny Seale
Ken Shapiro
Ilene Silver
Cory Storch

Kennedy-Mars Sittard

Three FreeWalkers experience a 50-mile hike in the Netherlands. They join the 7,000 walking an event dating back from the original 1963 fad and devotion to JFK. Learn more about the April 19, 2014 event at Searching for the Kennedy Spirit

beTween Walk

Congrats to our 30+ FreeWalkers who completed the 12-mile beTween Walk on April 19, 2014 Always short, always quirky and always fun.

First Name Last Name Miles
Glenda Almeida 12
David Ascher 12
Teri Bass 12
Laurie Beekhuysen 12
Framcis Boero 12
Kelly Boero 12
Jackie Dockery 12
Tom Glynn 12
Robin Hynes 12
Marty Israel 12
Daniel Jeffrey 12
Jixia Liu 12
Renata Luisi 12
Dan Lurie 12
Glenn Markulin 12
Risa Olinsky 12
Ron Palochko 12
Robert Quinlan 12
Cory Storch 12
Leila Vitale 12
Al Walker 12
Adriane Berg NA
Armand Boero NA
Christopher Collazo NA
Natalee Collazo NA
Aycha Edwards NA
Lori Hinds NA
Marty Israel NA
Jane Lu NA
Sue Olivar NA
Kathy Roe NA
Preeti Srivastava NA
Carol Van Giezen NA

Words to Walk By

Why We Walk

Why choose this as our goal? Why climb the highest mountain? Why, 35 years ago, fly the Atlantic? Why does Rice play Texas?

We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do these other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win.

-From President Kennedy’s 1962 speech at Rice University

Why We Don't (Walk)

Why choose doing as little as possible as our goal? Why take a long nap? Why, 35 days ago, insist on flying first class across the Atlantic? Why does Texas play Rice?

We choose to look at the moon. We choose to utter platitudes in this decade and do few other things, not because they are hard, but because they are easy, because that goal will serve to attract votes, because true challenges are those that we are unwilling to address, ones which we are willing to pass onto others, and ones which we intend to ignore.

From FreeWalker, Art McDonald, Rock Hill, SC

Read Art's inspiring essay "On Walking RFK's 50"

Walking History

It's New! Yet Old School!

Learn about the rich history of walking. Did you know that "pedestrianism" was the first popular sport to take America and England by storm. And it was a superstar in his day that made it happen. Read about one of the most popular athletes of his time - but forgotten until now - Weston the Walkist.

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Distant Thoughts

A Winter's Walking Challenge

40 hearty FreeWalkers faced a cold and dreary February for 17 hours to re-kindle the Kennedy can-do spirit.

The Sounds of a Long Walk

Just a few days ago, I noticed, maybe for the first time, the sounds of the Great Canal Walk. For most of the 40 miles and 15 hours that day there was an absence of sound in this body of water as still as glass on that calm day....


X-Jersey Challenge

List of entrants for the X-Jersey Challenge as of May 27, 2014. The goal is 100 miles across NJ in 2014.

You can join anytime but you must record your miles at

Al Walker 100
David Ascher 100
Paul Kiczek 95
Kelly Boero 80
Glenn Markulin 63
Dan Jeffries 52
Cory Storch 44
Gayle Shepardson 26
Olivia Lewis-Chang 12
Yoha 12

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