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The Superstar Walkers of Saransk

Four of the five top-ranked female distance race walkers in the world are from Saransk, 320 miles southeast of Moscow. Recently, up to 9 of the top 12 female 20-kilometer race walkers were from here until the Chinese started seeing an opportunity to take away some medals and glory in time for the upcoming Olympics.

Today, in International Association of…


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Highlands has an Amazing Plan to Lift Its Entire Downtown

The old port town of Highlands, NJ at the base of Sandy Hook is low lying and took a beating when the Raritan Bay surged during Hurricane Sandy. Town officials are considering a nearly $200 million project to lift the entire downtown 11 feet above its current elevation. In their vision, not only would every residential or commercial front door go up at least 10…


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Pedestrian Checks in Delaware. Caught WUI? Get Swag.

Delaware has seen a spike in pedestrian injuries and deaths in recent years. Soon, officers will be patrolling areas with high risk for pedestrian-involved crashes, looking for pedestrians who are at risk. Those risk factors include not crossing at a crosswalk or signaled intersection, walking at night without reflective clothing or flashlight, or walking while…


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Walking 800 Miles Away From Cancer

There's a lot of FreeWalker spirit in Edie Sundby's video and story.

See NY Times Well Article

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Will Stairs be Another Legacy for Bloomberg's NYC?

Mayor Bloomberg has his eye on one more idea before his term comes to an end to help make NYC a healthy city. The idea is to make the staircase a more prominent part in the design of a new building or retrofitting an old staircase to ensure that it stays open, clean and well lighted. The idea is to remind people that there is an option to using the…


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FreeWalking in Ireland: The Sneem 50-mile JFK Challenge

On May 23rd this year, another 50-mile walk took place in honor of John F. Kennedy, as it has for many years. This one did not take place in the U.S. but in Ireland. FreeWalker, Jim Magner, who lives in the D.C. area, could not make our 50-Mile Kennedy Walk in February and instead chose to walk this with hundreds others along the beautiful countryside. Here's his account…


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Mall Walking in the Heat of Qatar

This article doesn't sound too strange after a week of blistering hot weather..

What do you do when in a country where highs top 100 degrees Fahrenheit for six months of the year and getting anyone to go out and walk, let alone do outdoor sports, is a lost cause. In the country of Qatar,  said to be first-richest in the world and sixth-fattest,…


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New Pedestrian Map System for NYC

The WalkNYC initiative is a program that will bring comprehensive pedestrian maps to all five boroughs. In a city where an estimated 30 percent of all trips are made by foot. A special design group created an information-packed map to help orient and direct pedestrians to other interesting areas in the city.

The first of these new information…


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Morning Walks Shape Up Central Florida

In three small cities in the region, Maitland, Winter Park and Eatonville, city officials have initiated a series of morning walks. The walks are popular with residents trying to improve their health. The community walks were launched in 2011 by Eatonville Mayor Bruce Mount. He says he was moved to…


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Is it Better to Walk or Run?

Here's an interesting article summarizing some  findings when comparing what is a better form of exercise. There are clear winners in some situations but the best take on this is that both forms of exercise show substantial value in maintaining health.

Running seems to have a clear advantage in bringing…


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A Long, Wet Walk in Wales

A great atmospheric essay on walking in Wales. Pretty much as you would expect - wet, windy and colorful. A country that still takes its walking seriously. 

" Britain, there is a disposition toward walking. The land is crisscrossed with trails that connect villages, and every day, no matter…


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50th Jubilee Kennedy Sittard March - Honor and Hope for the Future


On March 30th I was privileged to complete my fourth Holland 50 Mile Kennedy March, this time representing the FreeWalkers. Five such walks in different locations qualify one to be a Master Kennedy Walker. I had hoped to take a free military flight from either Andrews Air Force Base or Baltimore -Washington International. Due to last minute commitments, however,  I boarded a commercial flight bound for Amsterdam. Just comfortably enough ensconced in an economy aisle seat to stretch…


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9 European Walks to Dream About

If you are like me, this time of year I'm dreaming about vacation. This year I hope to get over to Italy and visit some of my wife's relatives and tour Rome.

But, there are an unlimited number of places to walk, some more famous than others. Last week, the New York Times published "Europe, in 9  Walks" a…


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Going Undercover for Pedestrians

In Fort Lee, New Jersey cops are going undercover to catch drivers who are ignoring pedestrian crossings..

A crosswalk sting has been set up so a plain clothes cop approaches a crosswalk. If the driver fails to slow to allow the cop to another vehicle ahead pulls the  car over and issues a summons.

This town has a history of pedestrian enforcement problems in the past…


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Liberty Water Gap Trail

Need to organized a few walks on The Liberty Water Gap Trail.

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Sittard, Holland . . . Ireland . . . South Africa . . .

Hello Freewalkers, Tomorrow morning I will address the participants at the oldest continuous exclusive Kennedy walk-march event. They asked me to convey our 9 February reprisal of the original Kennedy Walk on the C&O Canal Towpath. I will speak at the start and invite them to attend our Freewalkers-DC , 22-23 November and 9 Feb. Kennedy Walks.  Join me for one of the 29 other Kennedy Marches here in Holland, or those in Ireland, England or South Africa?  

I walk in dedication to…


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Easing a Tired Brain With a Walk in the Park

The human brain’s ability to stay calm and focused is limited and can be overwhelmed by the constant noise and hectic, jangling demands resulting in brain fatigue. With brain fatigue, you are easily distracted, forgetful and mentally flighty. But, an innovative new study from Scotland suggests that you can ease brain fatigue simply by strolling through a…


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The Latest in Pedestrian Protection That You Can't Have

Volvo just announced two innovations to help protect pedestrians and cyclists. The problem is they will most likely be introduced to the European market first, which is much more concerned about pedestrian safety, if it ever makes it here to the States. Pedestrian Air Bag -  Seven sensors in the grille of…


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Would You Give Up Your Car Before Your Computer or Cell Phone?

A recent study by zip car showed that the younger generation would rather give up their car than their computer or cell phone - supporting recent trends that the use of cars on average may be declining. 

Click here to review the…


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Spreading the FreeWalker Gospel

Be forwarned! Getting inspired is a mixed blessing.

Many of you already know that I was originally inspired to walk extremely long distances by the Kennedy brothers back in 1963. It was a message that they carried and a can-do attitude that anything was possible that caused me to try and walk 50-miles…


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Great Canal Walk 2014

Congrats to our 33 FreeWalkers who completed the 40-mile Great Canal Walk.
Let the games begin for the Cross-Jersey Walking Challenge! 
Remember: if you missed some mileage in the last 2 walks, you have until the end of the year to catch up.

Diane Glace 40
Paul Kiczek 40
Tom  Nisonger 40
Al Walker 40
Tom Glynn 40
Rob Spector 34
Wilma Vargas 34
Francis Boero 32
Kelly Boero 32
Renata Luisi 30
David Ascher 28
Rick Cordner 28
Daniel Jeffrey 28
Nancy Jonap 28
Ken Kurland 28
Risa Olinsky 28
Tim Habinak 24
Jackie Dockery 21
Ron Palochko 21
Leila Vitale 21
Mike DeVoe 20
Diane DeVoe 20
Cory Storch 20
Ilene Silver 14
Pedro Castro 12
Brian Hodge 12
Sally Hodge 12
Yohana Osorio 12
Karen Rose Tank 9
Anand Nataraj 8
Mackensie  Roe 8
Joe Potaro NA
Erick Spector NA

Anyone can view the survey results so far. Click here to review results.
As usual, add your photos, video and blog on this website for everyone to share. 

Words to Walk By

Why We Walk

Why choose this as our goal? Why climb the highest mountain? Why, 35 years ago, fly the Atlantic? Why does Rice play Texas?

We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do these other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win.

-From President Kennedy’s 1962 speech at Rice University

Why We Don't (Walk)

Why choose doing as little as possible as our goal? Why take a long nap? Why, 35 days ago, insist on flying first class across the Atlantic? Why does Texas play Rice?

We choose to look at the moon. We choose to utter platitudes in this decade and do few other things, not because they are hard, but because they are easy, because that goal will serve to attract votes, because true challenges are those that we are unwilling to address, ones which we are willing to pass onto others, and ones which we intend to ignore.

From FreeWalker, Art McDonald, Rock Hill, SC

Read Art's inspiring essay "On Walking RFK's 50"

Walking History

1 Man, 1 Canal, 1 Long Walk: Creating a National Park

On January 3, 1954, an editorial article appearing in the Washington Post which became a flashpoint for those that opposed the U.S. government's building a parkway that would pave over the old 185-mile C&O Canal. It was a long hike proposed by Associate Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas that would settle the matter and set a trend toward preserving nature and history.

The Long Walk that Saved the Canal

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Distant Thoughts

A Winter's Walking Challenge

40 hearty FreeWalkers faced a cold and dreary February for 17 hours to re-kindle the Kennedy can-do spirit.

The Sounds of a Long Walk

Just a few days ago, I noticed, maybe for the first time, the sounds of the Great Canal Walk. For most of the 40 miles and 15 hours that day there was an absence of sound in this body of water as still as glass on that calm day....


X-Jersey Challenge

Final list of entrants for the Cross-Jersey Challenge. The goal was 100 miles across NJ in 2013.

Divia Arpino 100
Glenn Markulin 100
Paul Kiczek 100
Albert Walker 100
William Radkovich 100
Jessica Wachtel 74
Daniel Jeffrey 55
David Ascher 54
Hua Davis 42
Jim McRoberts


In Their Footsteps

These FreeWalkers have demonstrated our spirit of determination, adventure and community and help set the standard for the rest of us. Awards were presented at the June 23rd Celebration Event. Click here to learn their personal story and what it means to be a FreeWalker.

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